From Light to Dark

I haven’t written in this journal for such a long time. Guilty as charged! I was very busy, having a … More

Here Comes The Rain

As a country that lie along the line of the equator, Indonesia has only two seasons : the rainy and … More

Eyes for Geometrics

I love seeing beautiful exterior and interior design of a building. Sometimes my eyes scanning around the room to see … More

Being An Enthusiast

I like taking pictures of everything with any available tools, from smartphone to camera. For example, the picture of the … More


Recently, I added photography in my self-hosted site as a new category. For your information, the site’s theme was self-development … More

Everything Mushrooms !

Mushroom is good for health. Eating mushroom can reduce salt intake, naturally have Vitamin D and can reduce the risk … More

Kampoeng Sampireun

The Kampoeng Sampireun resort is situated at West Java. A place to spend weekends with your family/couple.

The Urban Dream

I live in a hectic town, a nice place, but I used to dream about rice fields and fresh air. … More