Parc Asterix

When I think of my childhood, I always think of cartoons, animation, and comics. Painted memories of so many likable characters. One of my favorites is Asterix a character from French’s comics created by Reene Gosciny and Albert Uderzo. Par toutatis! They lived around 50 BC, in a fictional village of old Gaul. A mysterious … More Parc Asterix

Here Comes The Rain

As a country that lie along the line of the equator, Indonesia has only two seasons : the rainy and the dry. The first one used to go by different name, the monsoon. Normally, it start in November to March. But now its really hard to tell with the climate change!

Being An Enthusiast

I like taking pictures of everything with any available tools, from smartphone to camera. For example, the picture of the buildings above was captured with a smartphone camera. Had I took it with DSLR, I would lost the precious moment. Photography is about finding or creating a perfect moment in many different genres : architecture, … More Being An Enthusiast


Recently, I added photography in my self-hosted site as a new category. For your information, the site’s theme was self-development journey. Adding an outdoor experiments topic will bring a little more personal side of me. The words outdoor refers to nature photography, by the way.